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Begin your climate action adventure with Senang, an all-in-one hub for achieving your organization's emission goals. Our comprehensive suite of carbon accounting and offsetting solutions empowers you to address scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability. With Senang, not only can you remove carbon footprints, but also turn sustainability into a profitable venture, forging a path towards a greener future.

Carbon accounting

Carbon accounting

Let's tackle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions head-on! At Senang, we've got the tools and functionalities to help your business accurately measure, calculate, and report those emissions. We're all about compliance with GHG accounting standards, enhancing transparency, and making informed decisions to kick some emissions' booty!

What we provide to you:

  • Emission Data Monitoring and Recording

    Say hello to your new GHG emissions detective, Senang! We capture data from various sources like energy consumption, transportation, waste management, and production processes to create a detailed emissions inventory. Our platform even supports the categorizing and classifying emissions sources, so you'll be the master of accurate measurement and reporting. It's like solving a thrilling emissions mystery!

  • Target Setting and Reporting

    Ready to rock those emissions reduction goals? Senang has your back! We've built-in functionality that lets you set ambitious targets aligned with your sustainability objectives. And hey, our reporting features? They create comprehensive reports that impress regulators, investors, and financial institutions. It's time to show the world your emissions-slaying prowess!

  • Data Analytics and Tailored Solutions

    Let's get nerdy with emissions data, shall we? Senang's advanced analytics capabilities dive deep into your emissions data to uncover hidden treasure—areas with significant potential for emissions reduction. We're not just all talk, in any case. We provide you with data-driven solutions, practical recommendations, and strategies that'll make reducing your greenhouse gas emissions feel like a thrilling adventure. Let's make sustainability exciting!

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